WordPress Tables Plugin – eDoc Easy Tables

WordPress and tables, such a PITA. I decided to make a much simpler answer then what existed already. Nice looking, responsive tables with simple functionality (sorting, pagination, default sort) was what I set out to create. Download Edoc Easy Tables. I saw the need also for a much easier way to be created and administered. TD TR T-what? I had a steady stream of calls surrounding this issue and how to admin tables post creation from an end users standpoint.

wordpress tables responsive frontend display layout
Responsive frontend with sorting and pagination.

A few sketch prototypes later I landed on a design that looked modern, gave high levels of functionality with 1-away principled design and delivered the CRUD needed to the end user easily.

Keeping the Tables separated so that individual contributors can easily edit only the table they are assigned to manage is also a use case encompassed by the plugin. Here is the individual editor page.

Including a link to a embedded youtube “How-to” has drastically cut down on questions. This idea has been a real time saver on my end.

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