Moving, Servers and all that stuff on the cheap.

Sometimes you just get lucky, and if that happens when moving, stars must be aligning! I had a few pointers for those about to move some precious data across the country or just down the street.

  1. Pull the plug and drain the juice. Make sure that after you have gently put your machines to sleep you hold the power button for a few seconds to drain out the capacitor.
  2. Packing peanuts are your friend. Grab a few bags for free by calling on friends who might work with them. You are going to pay out the wazoo at any office supply store.
  3. Body bags for chassis. Use a trash bag or two for each chassis that you are about to pack. Wrap it and tape it good.
  4. Craigslist rocks! Boxes are free here, so check them out. Get some boxes with around a foot clearance on your chassis dimensions.
  5. Mix and repeat. Peanuts, then chassis, then more peanuts, then tape it closed. You can use clean (or dirty I guess) towels rolled up if you cannot get the peanuts. Its worth the effort to find them however.

Thats all it takes to save some green, reuse some items that already exist, and get your servers moved in a cheap quick fashion. You should of course remove the HDD’s, processor fans and any sketchy riggings. Relist those items on Craigslist for FREE and spread the love.